2 Way Messaging

2waysmsA Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) enables your organisation (or application) to receive inbound SMS text messages from almost any mobile user on any mobile network, worldwide. A VMN resembles an 10 digit mobile number and is designed to receive SMS text messages without the need for a GSM terminal or SIM card.

Mobile users pay their standard network charges to send an SMS text message to a VMN and it cost you less than a cent to receive inbound SMS messages. We can provide you with a keyword on one of our shared Virtual Mobile Numbers. You simply select which keyword(s) you wish to use (subject to availability) and we will configure the routing of any inbound SMS messages beginning with the keyword to the email address of your choice and activate any auto-reply accordingly.

If you are looking for a very flexible inbound SMS solution were you have full control of the keywords you wish to create, which destination email address you will map the inbound SMS messages to and the settings of different auto-reply messages for each keyword then we can assign you with a dedicated inbound number.