About dime mobile solutions

Dime Wireless is the harbinger of the wireless telephony with state of the art technology to deliver products used across a wide spectrum of industries. Aesthetically designed solutions for the enterprise are crucial for adding value to the end users. We are the leaders in launching innovative and tailor made products for the business customers bundled along with SMS and Wireless over high speed networks.

With an impressive resume of international and national operators as the clients, DIME Wireless efficiently manages the transmission and storage of SMS in the giant databases. We excel in the endeavor for providing unparalleled services to our clients. Our business forte extends into the domain of customized mobile content, Enterprise group messaging and creation of mobile communities.

Dime Wireless has provided a valuable contribution by offering diverse range of products like the SMS chat, Mobile social networking, Bulk SMS gateway, Virtual numbers for 2 way SMS and short code. Versatile solutions in the form of Dedicated SMMP servers, Hosted Kannel and the SIM hosting benefits the enterprise customers to transform their businesses into effective entities.

The company is engaged in persistent effort to raise the bar of quality and innovation in designing better as well as user friendly products for the entrepreneurial clients. DIME Wireless has been at the helm of the mobile technology enhancement by exploring the hitherto challenging objectives set by the customers’ expectations. It has tirelessly worked across the business domains pertaining to mobile advertising and the versatile SMS campaigns with spectacular results. By focusing on the high end technological solution, DIME Wireless has positioned itself as the vanguard of the technological transformation in the cutthroat competitive era. Impressive feedback and critical appraisals from millions of satisfied customers across the globe elucidates the technological prowess of the corporate behemoth and transforms DIME Wireless into the force to reckon with. We have a vast pool of talented specialists who are capable of designing and maintaining SMS based systems with multiple solutions over heterogeneous platforms.