banking & finance

The modern banking system has undergone radical transformation in recent times because of the advent of new web based technologies like internet and mobile based applications leading to fierce rivalries among the companies to garner a major share of the customers. With the passage of time, Dim wireless has evolved customized solution for the enterprise clients to perform follow up on the customers promoting seamless and effective communication. Launching of the SMS and Wireless based services has made it tremendously easy for the clients to send regular updates about the introduction of new schemes deposits and the continuously fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

Our top of the line services has impacted the banking sector in more than one way and enhanced the efficiency of different aspects of the financial transactions.

  • By deploying the bulk SMS services, our clients have delivered effective and highly reliable services to the customers. It has proved to be the guiding light in broadening the horizon by multiplying the existing customer base. Regular updates on the new financial products are promptly delivered to the end users enabling them to make decisions of purchase depending on the requirements and specifications.

  • Innovative SMS based services are crucial in automatically delivering the status reports to the users about the monthly transactions towards their financial accounts.

  • Availability of long and short code has created a milestone in reporting arena wherein the enterprise can access comprehensive information about the sales pertaining to a specific product or region.

  • Bulk SMS service issue periodical alerts for the pending EMIs or bill payments so that people are able to track and effectively manage their accounts.

  • Group SMS systems for the enterprises are very popular because they supplement real time communications with sales team to achieve stated targets. To increase the customer base and enhance branding strategies, Bulk SMS is used to launch a variety of opinion polls to create a publicity juggernaut acquainting people with products and services launched entrepreneurial clients.

  • Business clients deploy our exemplary short code services to generate sales leads for their eventual conversion into sales revenue. Our SMS based APIs along with the application instantly helps in communication between the employees and leads to a drastic reduction in expenditure.