Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS occupies a very important place in modern communication because it is instrumental in sending large number of messages from the computer servers to millions of mobile homes in a jiffy. By incorporating few steps, it is possible to accomplish seemingly difficult task. Generally, business entities subscribe for the services to issue multiple alerts or notifications to the customers or employees and also use them in launching promotional campaigns to enhance the global reach of their products as well as solutions. The presence of different vendors in the market has brought a significant variation in the quality of SMS transmission. Some of the companies promise the moon however they deliver precious little on the quality front because the messages do not reach the intended recipient in time. Although cost effective, the network is marred by congestion and leads to overhead expenses. Therefore one should focus on subscribing to the services with top notch quality and rational pricing.

Plethora of attributes adorning Bulk SMS is as follows
  • Frequencies alerts are sent through a mobile based network to the users for providing multiple notifications in the banking sector like account details and withdrawal information. Similarly in medical arena doctors are alerted about the need of emergency and other event via the Bulk SMS services. Billed as the premium option, it is primarily used within an organization to boost efficiency.

  • Viral campaigns are new buzzwords in era of cut throat competition because they help the enterprises to garner significant market share by using Bulk SMS. Be it the launching of a new product or opening of a retail store, promotional schemes enable the organizations to enhance their rich significantly bolstering revenues. Besides, educational institutions notify their students about the examination schedule and also send examination results through bulk SMS services.

SMS gateway API: Easy to install and deploy
  • Touted as the prominent online application, SMS gateway plays a pivotal role in facilitating messages across the mobile networks all over the world. With an unflinching accuracy and low downtime, the messages are guaranteed to reach the intended destination within a stipulated time frame using the highly secured and encrypted mobile network.

  • Dedicated bandwidth is also offered to the premium business clients with high volume SMS at their disposal. Marketing blitzkrieg has never been so easy due to the omnipresent Bulk SMS solution for the disposal of the clients.

  • Using the optimum routing techniques Bulk SMS is delivered to the target customers without any hiccups. Owing to easy accessibility spanning across different locations, the messages could be sent at any time of the day. The API is a breeze to install and does not require the presence of the software on the computer to perform the task.

  • Integration of the SMS gateway with numerous protocols like the HTTP and SOAP offering web services to the client opens new vistas of opportunities by assuring access to various web applications on the internet.