Globalization has underlined the importance of education due to the advanced skill sets needed to excel in the market place. Proliferation of educational organizations across the country has induced far reaching alterations in the lives of the people. Increase in population has led to the expansion of education industry at a breakneck speed in modern times. Due to intense competition, it has become extremely vital for the institutions to initiate meaningful interaction with parents and the alumni for maintaining an edge over the rivals. Our mobile systems augment the business by initiating fast communication through the range of diverse message across the teachers as well as students.

There are multiple tools in our reservoir influencing various aspects of the education business and help our clients in conducting daily activities with meticulous efficiency. An enterprise messaging solution, an innovation by our company is critical to the success of the business clients.

  • To increase the number of prospective students at the start of the academic year, once can use the Bulk SMS as well as a short code facility to accomplish the stated objectives. They can automatically generate alerts to the customer’s mobile phone numbers sin the database.

  • Some of the other features include the periodical performance report of the students which could be dispatched to the parents so that they could take corrective actions.

  • Schedule of the examination including updates pertaining to attendance report are sent to the parents by deploying SMS API and subscribing to the SMS API services.

  • Our solution comprises of the excel objects plug in which is effectively utilized to send the examination results over our high speed SMS facilities.

  • Effective costing of the group messaging has enabled educational institutions to reduce the operational expenditure and raise the quality of their services to the students as well as parents. Universities are able to attract brilliant young brains because they use the mobile enterprise messaging option to advertise about the new courses to the people.