The internet is a perfect platform for the ongoing technological evolution because it can be integrated with the telecommunication equipments to provide perfect and blazing fast service. There are numerous breathtaking features such as user friendly interface which combines with the email application to deliver fax messages across the globe. Entrepreneurs are subscribing to the E fax services in huge numbers due to the enormous competitive edge it offers to the business by reining in cost escalation.

Inundation of features in the E fax makes it an extremely useful tool for modern businesses. Comprehensive details are enumerated below

  • The number is perfectly secured because the customer could use it without sharing with others. Guaranteed privacy would ensure hassle free transmission of data.

  • Dime wireless has introduced notification attribute in the services enabling users to receive SMS on their phones, once messages reach the intended destination. The set up is cost effective because it does not require telephone or other instruments to place telephone calls.

  • Intelligent application imbibes the facility of retries if the call is not connected to the intended user. Transmission of data is absolutely safe and secured due to the 128 bit encryption technology.

  • People can easily send faxes all over the globe without placing an ISD call to the destination, thereby reducing significant expenditure. One of the most enticing features of the fax machine includes the online storage facility enabling the customers to track the sent messages. They are stored in the archive for future reference by the users.

  • Well efficient and free customer support to resolve technical issues are crucial to influence the psyche of the customers.

  • Availability of the digital format helps the people to edit the messages or the virtual documents before transmitting them to a particular destination. Subscribers can manage multiple emails which are connected to the telecommunication backbone for transferring requisite data.