Health care

Modern man is inundated with numerous health issues due to sedentary lifestyle which has led to proliferation of chronic diseases. Health care sector is growing at a scorching pace with better products and services for the people ensuring healthy living standards from long term perspective.

There is tremendous scope of improvement in health care sector for emerging economies because of the presence of many unchartered territories with little or no medical facility. Timely help with advanced medical care is the key to protect the life of the patients. With the rise in quality of the doctors, it has become incumbent on the medical organizations to pass on the benefits to their customers.

Cutting edge technological solutions in medical realm:
  • Our mobile based products have taken the lead in issuing advanced alerts to the patients so that they are abreast of their appointments with medical consultants. Similarly, doctors are informed well in advance of the numerous operational emergencies through our super efficient Group based SMS system.

  • Major hospitals could witness a drastic reduction in the cost of communication due to the presence of SMS API. Different medical departments around the globe have subscribed to our services which provide advanced notifications to the doctors and authorities.

  • Pharmaceutical organizations launch their advertising barrage of products and services through our SMS based network which reaches every nook and corner of the globe. By availing the services of DIM Wireless, hospitals have increased their efficiency manifold.

  • Patients undergoing test could avail their report by receiving alerts through the SMS based system mentioning the timings as well as the place to obtain the analysis of the doctor.