HLR Lookup

hlrMobile Number Portability (MNP) has increased in popularity - this allows mobile phone users to change to an alternative network, but retain their original number. In addition to this with many changing network and mobile number so as to get the most recent handset this presents an increasingly difficult challenge to guarantee the successful delivery of text messages.

Dime Wireless HLR Lookup service allows you to check the validity of a mobile number, reducing your costs spent on undeliverable messages due invalid or out of date information.

Who and for what should HLR Lookup used for?

Dime Wireless HLR tool helps all our clients achieve significant cost and time savings, and obtain information on the status and identity of a mobile number/subscriber.

  • Marketers - clean up your mobile number databases
  • Application providers and Developers - send relevant information
  • Financial/Banking organsiations - deliver secure services
  • Operators, Aggregators and Service Providers