Hosted Kannel

Billed as one of the most reliable open source SMS gateway applications, hosted Kannel could perfectly integrate with diverse platforms with consummate ease. It offers efficient data transfer over the mobile network and backward integration with the internet based applications. Dime wireless is blessed with technically qualified experts who are proficient in accomplishing the installation task of hosted kannel which otherwise could prove to be quite tedious.

Immaculate aspects of SMS gateway solution
  • There are innumerable protocols like HTTP and FTP considered extremely essential to transfer data over the internet and the mobile based network. Presence of the API in its arsenal empowers Dime wireless to provide all encompassing integration with the programming applications to achieve stated objectives.

  • Complex programming scripts are delivered to the business customers so that they are able to incorporate them into their in house software for bolstering the efficiency of enterprises.

  • Free updates ensure that Dime wireless offers top of the line solutions to the users helping them to eliminate overhead expenditure on effective communication.

  • It acts as a vital tool for supporting Bulk SMS services from diverse operators with seamless performance. HTTP API offers comprehensive functionalities including the sending and receiving of SMS over the secured network to mobile phones from internet and vice versa.

  • Delivery reports in the form of notifications are promptly sent to the users. It is crucial to register for the API because the software application opens endless possibilities for the customers.

  • File transfer protocol is widely used on internet for blazing fast download of audio, video and text based content. Configuration is initiated with the setting up of user accounts to accomplish the downloading tasks without any hiccups. The API acts as a perfect communication gateway between the internet and the mobile phone. Scripts provided by Dime wireless could be customized according to the requirements and specifications of the users.