Spurt in the information technology sector is accompanied by an unprecedented advancement in mobile based communications which has created innovative solutions for the users. With Diverse workforce from ethnic backgrounds spanning across the globe, IT industry has undergone radical transformation affecting various sectors of the economy. Due to rapid expansion with global footprints, the industry stalwarts felt the need for mobile based products and solution to create awareness among the people and ensure seamless workflow within an organization. The proliferation of online applications for enterprise customers has made it mandatory for the companies to supplement their integration with the messaging service.

Accrued Benefits:
  • Bulk SMS product of the DIME wireless is used to make the inter company communication more effective among the employees. Dissemination of information about a particular meeting or conference could be quickly relayed across the management.

  • Many ITES employees travel by the cabs at night to commute between office and their homes. Details about the vehicle are sent through the SMS API gateway.

  • Channel of communication between computer and mobile phone is facilitated by the system administrator who helps to transform the mails into SMS for delivery over mobile networks.

  • Prior to boarding the vehicle, its number and other details are sent to the employees so that there are no discrepancies. It helps to improve the safety and reliability of the people deployed in IT sector.

  • CRM and online employee tracking system is connected to the DIME wireless messaging services which generate notifications to the employees reminding them of the login time. BULK SMS is used for effective advertising whilst VoIP is used by the IT organizations to transmit voice based information at a fraction of the cost.