Public Sector

SMS technology in governments and public sector

Ensure effective and continuous communication flow between the government and agencies, different sectors, or citizens. The continuous availability of public bodies is as important as the assurance of adequate information to citizens. Adopt SMS technology to the IT system to be able to send SMS messages from computers to multiple mobile phones. To assure SMS functionality installs a stable SMS gateway software such as Dime Wireless Gateway to the computer. By implementing this solution, governments can provide a modern and user-centered approach to citizens. In this article you can learn the benefits of SMS technology provided by Dime Wireless Gateway.

Why to adopt SMS solutions in governments?

There are several initiatives to adopt e-government functions based on the Internet worldwide even in developing countries to ensure easy access and availability. Very often these initiatives failed and among the reasons there were problems such as low Internet access, high Internet costs and Internet illiteracy among citizens and even among workers at governments. Furthermore, email messages are not surely read immediately and it is a critical problem in case of emergencies or disasters.

To solve and more importantly to avoid these problems, employ SMS technology in the IT system to reach the mass. SMS messages are common tool to communicate, users already have mobiles and use them; and SMS messaging does not require any further skills. In this way you can ensure an easy-to-use and very effective tool to improve communication, availability and access to governmental services. Furthermore, you can implement SMS technology for other kinds of utilization such as SMS campaigns, SMS votes, SMS reminders or notifications. Citizens will get access to all government e-services from paying parking fines to enquiring information via SMS.

These features can be achieved by a powerful SMS gateway software such as Dime Wireless Gateway. This software product will provide SMS functionality to be able to send bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients. Therefore you can reach high performance and efficiency.