Short codes

Armed with 5 digits, the short code is compatible with a diverse range of networks and is renowned for providing prompt responses without any issues. They are quite easy to memorize and used by the enterprises for conducting numerous business campaigns to boost their visibility. Instead of using the advertisement channels on television and radio, people are increasingly switching over to short codes for obtaining quick responses from the Dime wireless system. Software developers increasingly subscribe to the services for creating prospective customers and sending messages to the employees. There are multiple services like gaming and music download on demand, which could be accessed by purchasing a subscription to short codes.

Targeting domestic customers, services are ideal for conducting opinion polls, SMS trivia with interesting facts and voting contests. It plays a stellar role in providing effective responses to the queries of the end users.

There are many benefits for the enterprise customer availing the short codes services.
  • In modern business, lead generation is a vital cog in the wheel for the companies to grow and increase their customer base. By initiating surveys and campaigns, an effective database of potential customers could be created by the enterprise.

  • On demand access acts as a knowledge base and goes a long way in offering a wealth of information to the users.

  • Customized short codes are also available to the business clients depending on their preferences. Retail stores are logging on to the mobile technology bandwagon by using the aforesaid services to improve their efficiency. Diverse information like the nearest store in a particular region could be easily retrieved by sending an appropriate request through short codes. Text based request is processed by similar application which performs information look up to provide the best results.