SIM hosting

Dime wireless is one of the pioneers in offering versatile solutions pertaining to SIM hosting because the technique plays an impeccable role in performing the SMS transmission task. The aforesaid technique is deployed to manage communication between the customers SIM hosted on a computer server and the mobile phone of the end users. The transferred messages are directly stored in the database using SMS gateway as the platform. Dime wireless allocates a SIM to the customer during the registration process which is hosted on a particular website depending on the preferences of the users. Our technical team helps the customers, right from the installation to daily operations with the SIM hosting.

  • Our dedicated servers offer round the clock backup to the clients so that they do not lose vital information.

  • Each SIM is assigned a keyword which is dependent on the requirements of the enterprise.

  • One of the best attributes of Servers is their consistent integration with the SIM cards belonging to different mobile operators.

  • The phone numbers should be endowed with free roaming to avail the services. The customer must send the URL of the website to Dime wireless for impeccable hosting services.

  • Other benefits of SIM hosting include the management of incoming SMS using search tools.

  • With hosting, the businesses are able to generate a database of potential customers which could act as a repository of useful leads in the near future.

  • SIM hosting is available in customized packages for the users.

  • Launching of promotional campaigns through SMS hosting can be an impeccable bonanza for the companies to store significant information for future use.