Toll free

Dime wireless application offers toll free numbers to the users so that they could contact the organizations to register complaints and inquiries about the launching of new products or services. Toll free numbers improve the efficiency of the organization by cutting costs and enhance the accessibility among a large section of the population. With the presence of voice over internet technology, end users could place calls to the customer support and resolve their issues pertaining to the products and services. Dime wireless offers numerous features to its clients by incorporating special attributes like to dedicate number which prevents congestion and ensures seamless connectivity.

Advantages of the toll free number:
  • Absolutely free setup installation offers easy and hassle free operation to the business users without incurring additional charges.

  • Subscription to the services provides access to the web control panel that enables the customers to control the call flow from the end users. Affordable cost makes the toll number service attractive options for the organizations.

  • Chargeable customer support is a huge deterrent for the customers and would cause a long negative impact on the long term business prospects.

  • Appropriate routing algorithms are used to avoid congestion and enhance voice clarity.