Transport and logistic

Mobile technology has supplemented internet with the current advancement in information access because it allows consumers to download data whilst on the move. Transformation of mobile phones into smart phones has redefined excellence since they can be deployed for other activities apart from initiating calls to family members or colleagues. The inventory management system has become more efficient with the introduction of the DIME wireless products and solutions. Logistics in the era gone by were managed by online applications on computers, however WAP based techniques have opened new vistas of opportunities for the mobile users to possess the world on their fingertips.

DIME wireless provides applications which are used by the clients to initiate the tracking of goods and also assure their delivery to the intended destination within a specific time period. Proliferation of companies across the country in the era of globalization has spawned competition leading to the incorporation of enterprise message servicing to reduce the cost and make the business model effects. It enables the users to manage orders, packaging of goods and the accumulated cost which varies according to the distance between source and destination.

Technology benefits the logistics industry in numerous ways
  • Consignment status is determined through the automatic delivery of SMS using long and the short code

  • Once the desired items are delivered to the destination, users are notified through the SMS API.

  • Bulk SMS facilities are often utilized by the companies to provide information about the pickup points and the new offices pertaining to the delivery of the items.

  • Using the SMS gateway API of DIME wireless, it is possible to combine the online ERP application with the SMS services. It provides greater control to the client in handling online reporting and track the quantity of goods in the inventory.

  • Reminders about outstanding payment to the customers could be delivered on a weekly basis to ensure efficiency.