Voice SMS

Modern marketing techniques are supplemented by the revolution in mobile technology which has made deep forays into the business world. Broadcasting voice based SMS instantly to a large number of users enhances the brand value of the clients. Voice applications channelized through numerous IVR platforms have become very popular with commercial as well as non-governmental organizations in the country. Enterprise messaging system provides an ideal platform to deliver the voice messages and transform them into interactive response for solving customer queries.

Salient Attributes:
  • IVR system is used by many companies to provide reliable customer support to the users. Designed on the basis of client server methodology, the interactive voice response system is installed on the servers and processes the requests from the client. Upon receiving of request SOAP is invoked for the customers to provide them requisite information on demand.

  • The IVR program prompts the users for specific input and depending upon the parameter is directed to a particular DNIS system. The system is resilient and performs diverse functions including reporting and customer search from the database. State of the art technology is deployed to support dial out options through the IVR system. Since the tasks are repetitive, automated service is offered to the clients without the introduction of customer relationship executives.

Impact on\ the clients:
  • Using multiple channels, Dime wireless ensures bulk SMS as well as efficient IVR systems for providing awesome performance to a large number of users. Integration of the services onto a single platform would provide omnidirectional access to the consumers. Bulk SMS along with Voice SMS could be used with the single push of the button. Content management interface offers enormous power to the admin for managing broadcasts of the messages.

  • Introduction of the voice message services has improved the business processes and the workflow between various departments. Enterprises have witnessed a qualitative increase in the output after the subscribing to the services.