The internet has experienced an explosive growth in terms of business and technology leading to the creation of innovative solution. Voice signals are transmitted over the network providing amazing clarity of the sound without any interference. Unlimited calls using the technology of data packets is bound to increase the revenues for the enterprises. Conventional telephone numbers are used to route the calls through optimized protocols to get effective results. Upon subscription Dime wireless allocates new phone numbers or provides the existing one on demand. Home users can enjoy unlimited calls to the US or Canada with impeccable output. With a large number of international calls at their disposal, midsized business would go a long way in providing impeccable results to the users.

Major features and benefits of the VoIP technology
  • A VoIP adapter at no cost allows the customers to plug into the network and enjoy high speed voice transmission. The prospect of landline and mobile phone dialing is a boon for the users because they can seamlessly connect with the near and dear ones with diverse networks. Din wireless is an epitome of excellence because it offers 24*7 customer services to resolve the technical issues of the subscribers. It is important to purchase a broadband connection since it forms the backbone for unhindered access to VoIP.

  • Dime wireless offers trial period option to the prospective customers wherein they are provided the adapter for performance assessment. If the services do not meet requirements and specifications of the clients, they can return the adapter to the company which offers an iron clad money back guarantee to the customers.

  • Web based interface is provided with a setup to manage the flow of calls through VoIP based system. By using one touch click people can make long distant calls at significantly lower rates. Many companies have deployed aforesaid technology in their contact centers to deliver scintillating results and enhance their effectiveness among the huge customer base.