Volunteer & community

Numerous non-profit organizations are working in tandem with communities for their betterment in varieties of sectors including health which is considered to be a huge problem for emerging economies in the era of globalization. Although a significant amount of work is being done for the health of the poor, rural regions are at a severe disadvantage and require new modes of communications for the speedy delivery of the services. Similarly, hiring volunteers could be a tedious task however DIME wireless has proved to be the saving grace for making the process more efficient and cost effective. Community work has tremendously benefited with the induction of messaging system which delivers information at a very high speed and ensure quick actions on the part of the volunteers.

Different services of DIME wireless are put to optimum use in accomplishing community related tasks.
  • Bulk SMS is an effective tool creating awareness among a large section of population about the community health in remote areas where the help is unavailable. A pregnant woman could connect via the SMS based API to the local health center to avail the benefits in the times of crisis. In hindsight DIME wireless technology is successfully used in many regions to decrease the infant mortality rate.

  • Social media available on the internet can now be easily accessed on the modern day smart phones to create various group centered on topics which are pertinent to the current needs of the community.

  • Volunteers could be invited for the recently launched community based projects through Bulk SMS which would go a long way in significantly eliminating overhead expenses.

  • Short codes are prominently subscribed by the non- profit organizations to build opinion on the political, economic and health issues plaguing a specific region. It will enable communities to highlight the problems and facilitate required funding to accomplish the project. Long codes are also used by the organizations to facilitate community working across the international borders.