Who we are

Our company is credited with launching innovative services accompanied by hosts of diverse protocols and helping the business customers to enhance their efficiency from a long term perspective. We offer valuable services to our customers with diverse platforms and different specifications. Using the client base of more than a million customers spread across multiple nations throughout the globe, Dim wireless plays a stellar role in offering messaging services along with launching of numerous projects related to branding as well promotions. Numerous financial institutions are using our bulk messaging service to enhance their customer base at a lightning pace.

Long codes and bulk SMS through user interface: Over a period of time we have developed customized solutions for mid as well as large enterprises to initiate effective marketing blitzkriegs with promotional themes and facilitate the process of feedback from the end users. By using long codes, our customers are ensured of controlling the mobile based services from easy to use web interfaces with numerous cutting edge features.

Integration of IVR systems:

Our high quality experts have evolved innovative technologies by introducing IVRs which are able to automatically assimilate data from the repository so that it could be used for Bulk SMS and other services. They use the out dial features in sending alerts to the concerned employee or the business dealers about the arrival of the goods and help in tracking the inventory system for reorder levels. The feature is used across different spectrums of industries and is especially effective in the medical sector.

Facilitating SMS and Wireless based services:

We deliver comprehensive packages of SMS and Wireless based solutions encouraging the customers to indulge in 2 way transmission for making new friends and enhance the scope of their business. Our organization also offers the entire gamut of services including the mobile social networking for the clients so that they can exchange interesting videos and picture among the friends and colleagues.

Spectacular Add on services:

Highly skilled technological professionals at Dime Wireless have deployed out of the box thinking by launching numerous additives for their customers in the form of mobile radio providing round the clock wholesome entertainment. We use the state of the art technology to introduce dynamic CRM which is instrumental in managing the customer database efficiently. Similarly, introduction of the subscription manager enables the business users to manage and track the customer profiles, a distinct value addition helping the mobile operators to augment their revenues.