Why us

Since our inception, we have astutely grown at a rapid pace and over a time incorporated different features which have made us indispensable to our clients. People are increasingly expressing their unflinching faith in our technical capabilities to deliver SMS as well as Wireless based solutions. Our strengths are described in great detail which are guaranteed to provide your business an unexpected boost.

New vistas of opportunities for enterprise customers:

With a galaxy of clients available in our repository, we have come a long way in maintaining contracts with business entities across the world including some of the most prominent financial banks. You can leverage our expertise in enhancing the business prospect by many notches.

Indemnity of services at inaccessible locations

We have redefined technology in designing the SMS packages because they are all encompassing and offer comprehensive cover to the customers over the majority of the regions around the globe. Aiming to grab the top echelons of ranking in mobile technology, Dime Wireless has signed MOUs with the local network operators to deliver messages uninterrupted and seamlessly. We have assiduously avoided network congestion by incorporating innovative network technologies like the load balancing and sophisticated routing protocols which are optimized to transfer data packets over the complex mish mash of telecommunication backbone.

Easy with fly installation

Business clients availing the subscription of the services can easily connect to the SMS gateway without a complex walk-through process. Absolutely free setup and easy user interface are the two catalysts offering enormous fillip to business clients in using the 2 way SMS as well as host of other features.

Heterogeneous network with cross platform support:
  • The SMS gateway supports transfer of diverse data including the Unicode, Binary with the amazingly popular V cards over the existent mobile network. A host of other components like the HTTP supplemented by the COM object along with the Excel plug in for business data transfer would go a long way in handling the individual accounts of the business clients.

  • Our world renowned round the clock customer support assists the customers in resolving their technical as well as subscription issues with utmost satisfaction. We offer tailor made customizations to the entrepreneurial clients by delivering reports on different search criteria apart from the list of notifications that are regenerated on a daily business to analyze the performance of Wireless and SMS based system.

  • High quality Wireless signals with lighting fast message speed will enable the companies to handle their customers efficiently and interactively.

Additional features with Wireless based services
  • Dime Wireless application is bundled along with the text based messaging service to provide clear transmission of Wireless signals over the mobile network. Our solution creates a virtual number for the clients and facilitates the capture of the phone numbers without imposing any charges on the customers when they call the support service. We also offer VoIP services to our esteemed customers with diverse features for home as well business users. Coupled with a free adapter and shipping, the product is world class and provides a valuable contribution in making the business cost effectively. Apart from unlimited calls to the US, our company provides hosted Kannel and HLR lookup as the best options to the clients. As a part of the valued added service, SIM hosting is on the cards for the users who can receive messages from the mobile phones on to the website hosted at the server.